Daily Prompt: Transformation

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

yesterday I was writing an exam.  when I get to the exam room I realized I took a wrong pencil box that was not allowed in the exam room, I asked the lady in front of me to borrow me a pen. after the exam the same lady asked me how was the exam and that’s exactly how the conversation started.

by the look of things she comes from a very rich family and she has accomplish lot of things at a very young age. somewhere in our conversation I  started telling her about my life and the means that I do to take care of my family and pay for my studies which let to the issue of fees must fall. Students are calling for transformation of higher level education, but how can we make a call for the transformation of higher education while basic education is not transformed? how can we call for free quality higher education, while we still struggling with a free  quality basic education?

in most rural areas in South Africa  a grade 5 leaner who is just about to get to high school is computer illiterate not to mention the reading competency of a grade 5 leaner is south Africa. our little brothers are being taught under trees and  yet we are burning classes, our brothers and sister cannot read but we are burning libraries, our economy is shaking but we are looting stores, and yet we cry for free higher education. South African youth ! transformation should start with you! be the change that you want to see.

As intellects and informed citizens… I belives you can come about with better measures to raise your concerns than throwing stones , looting stores and burning properties, beering in  mind the feuture of our kids and grandkids. where are we going to take them once they complete their higher academics while we destroying the facilities? and what are the chances of  free quality higher education, while we are demolishing the least that we have? are we not taking one step forward and 5 steps back?



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