who am I and why am here

I am a part time communication science student at the university of south Africa. a full time domestic worker. I am a 30 years lady , always hardworking to make ends meet, dedicated all the time and always strive to achieve the best out of life.

some of the reasons why am blogging is that I have been through a lot in life both sweet and bitter moments, I have a voice in side me that would like to be listened to and I believe that my life journey can be a good testimony and a motivation to many people who have or are about to give up on life. I belief that my personal views and opinions about life , politics , economy and culture  in general stand a chance to make a change, to be heard and maybe of good use , or to be corrected by other people and as a result I want to put them out there for every one to view, take note and comment.

I would like to write about  life experiences  and challenges that women face on daily life, the ways in which political structure is shifting in democracy and how media represent different issues. coming from a multiracial country whish is best known as a rainbow nation , I am also interested in how different communities  practice their cultures and believes  as wells  their relevance in this days and age.

I would like to connect with anyone who can I identify with what I blogged about on daily basis and anyone who feels inspired or  feel the need to like or comment on my topics.


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