be careful of what your soul consume

so on the forth of October 2014 two boys embarked on a walk campaign in which they walked from Limpopo (South Africa) to cape town Robin Island in attempt to raise money for 2017  tertiary registration fees. I heard about them on a radio station called Thobela FM and I decided to contact them and offer my contribution were I can. in our conversation it sounded like they did not have any form of sponsorship and they depended fully on their pockets to maintain their travel expenses. when I asked them what kind of help they needed , their answer was that they need food and accommodation sponsorship but they were almost half way to their destination. I then communicated with my boss who provided such reasonable advices that I will use in future when I create my own campaign. the boys then phoned be back to ask if I cannot get then  accommodation connections in cape town, I asked one of my friends to talk to some of his buddies that  side, but unfortunately his respond made me give up on this boys. What he said was that how can I help people that I never meet and not even related to.  okay! I thought he was reasonable. today I pitched my dream of creating a health awareness campaign in my rural village were by every participant will receive a goodie bag with toiletry stuff including a packet of condoms for man and sanitary pads for women, he then told me that no one would run for  packet of condom’s and sanitary pads. our conversation made me realize that he  one of those friends who will never believe in you and as a result they always utter words that makes you loose hope and confidence in everything you do. He made me realize that sometimes what people say can make one feel so small in such a way that one will always view hi/her self as losers. through my soul searching sessions I then noticed that I actually do not need such people in my life, negative energy  can be a  killer disease worn than cancer. negative energy eats away a piece of you soul every time when uttered. it kills your soul and leaves you with just  body structure that cannot even move to drive forces of life, have you ever imagined what will you body do without your soul? no I don’t need such energy. I for one believe that I should never stop putting my ninety-nine percent until I make it. and to me archiving one  goal is not actually a destination, but it is always the beginning.  failure it not a discouragement, but an eye opener with reference.


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