Reaching the finish line of 2016

yooh! My breath is very loaded with politica issues and mostly the Fees must fall and the conspiracy in the south African government, I want to screeem and say  STOP  and SHUTUP……  I feel like a have so much to tell them….  I want to tell then that as a country we are very wounded by the stones that are thrown to our future kids tertiary buildings, our souls wounds are as fresh and sore as raw meat. we are confused and we do not know who is telling the truth between the Gupters, Mr. president and the public protector. Our thoughts ,questions, wonders has taken most space in the pantry of our minds and left no storage for personal matters. one wakes up every morning with hope to hear the news of the rand improving, jobs increasing, political parties reaching consensus and by the time one goes to bed, one fees like borrowing a mind of someone who have no knowledge of these issues to get a better sleep. I can not personally stop but wonder what will happen to my children? will they view themselves as equal to the whites and let go of the past? will they be able to accept that their skin color has nothing to do with who they want to become and what they want to archive ? let a lone the fear that they might not be able to obtain tertiary qualification and find job in their own country.

my body  surrendered when I heard the president standing up for the Guptas this afternoon. I went out and did not want to listen to him just like the EFF did. I switched of my TV but I now realize that I have to listen to him, I need to hear from the horses mind and I want to use his spoken words against him, just Incase I   get the opportunity to confront him in the near future

running toward the finish line of 2016 marathon, I can only pray that the lord save south Africa, open the floods gate of haven and let it rain. wash away the grid, the anger, confusion, hate and unite us all over again, all we asking is for the LORD ALMIGHT TO REWRITE  OUR LIVES. I as  I reach the finish line I cant stop but wonder about the rewards for those who finished the race with integrity, and determination.  I HAVE  SO MUCH TO TELL………. JUST LET ME BREATH MAYBE I WILL TELL THEM…….


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