Reaching the finish line of 2016

yooh! My breath is very loaded with politica issues and mostly the Fees must fall and the conspiracy in the south African government, I want to screeem and say  STOP  and SHUTUP……  I feel like a have so much to tell them….  I want to tell then that as a country we are very wounded by the stones that are thrown to our future kids tertiary buildings, our souls wounds are as fresh and sore as raw meat. we are confused and we do not know who is telling the truth between the Gupters, Mr. president and the public protector. Our thoughts ,questions, wonders has taken most space in the pantry of our minds and left no storage for personal matters. one wakes up every morning with hope to hear the news of the rand improving, jobs increasing, political parties reaching consensus and by the time one goes to bed, one fees like borrowing a mind of someone who have no knowledge of these issues to get a better sleep. I can not personally stop but wonder what will happen to my children? will they view themselves as equal to the whites and let go of the past? will they be able to accept that their skin color has nothing to do with who they want to become and what they want to archive ? let a lone the fear that they might not be able to obtain tertiary qualification and find job in their own country.

my body  surrendered when I heard the president standing up for the Guptas this afternoon. I went out and did not want to listen to him just like the EFF did. I switched of my TV but I now realize that I have to listen to him, I need to hear from the horses mind and I want to use his spoken words against him, just Incase I   get the opportunity to confront him in the near future

running toward the finish line of 2016 marathon, I can only pray that the lord save south Africa, open the floods gate of haven and let it rain. wash away the grid, the anger, confusion, hate and unite us all over again, all we asking is for the LORD ALMIGHT TO REWRITE  OUR LIVES. I as  I reach the finish line I cant stop but wonder about the rewards for those who finished the race with integrity, and determination.  I HAVE  SO MUCH TO TELL………. JUST LET ME BREATH MAYBE I WILL TELL THEM…….


be careful of what your soul consume

so on the forth of October 2014 two boys embarked on a walk campaign in which they walked from Limpopo (South Africa) to cape town Robin Island in attempt to raise money for 2017  tertiary registration fees. I heard about them on a radio station called Thobela FM and I decided to contact them and offer my contribution were I can. in our conversation it sounded like they did not have any form of sponsorship and they depended fully on their pockets to maintain their travel expenses. when I asked them what kind of help they needed , their answer was that they need food and accommodation sponsorship but they were almost half way to their destination. I then communicated with my boss who provided such reasonable advices that I will use in future when I create my own campaign. the boys then phoned be back to ask if I cannot get then  accommodation connections in cape town, I asked one of my friends to talk to some of his buddies that  side, but unfortunately his respond made me give up on this boys. What he said was that how can I help people that I never meet and not even related to.  okay! I thought he was reasonable. today I pitched my dream of creating a health awareness campaign in my rural village were by every participant will receive a goodie bag with toiletry stuff including a packet of condoms for man and sanitary pads for women, he then told me that no one would run for  packet of condom’s and sanitary pads. our conversation made me realize that he  one of those friends who will never believe in you and as a result they always utter words that makes you loose hope and confidence in everything you do. He made me realize that sometimes what people say can make one feel so small in such a way that one will always view hi/her self as losers. through my soul searching sessions I then noticed that I actually do not need such people in my life, negative energy  can be a  killer disease worn than cancer. negative energy eats away a piece of you soul every time when uttered. it kills your soul and leaves you with just  body structure that cannot even move to drive forces of life, have you ever imagined what will you body do without your soul? no I don’t need such energy. I for one believe that I should never stop putting my ninety-nine percent until I make it. and to me archiving one  goal is not actually a destination, but it is always the beginning.  failure it not a discouragement, but an eye opener with reference.


in the beginning of the year 2016 I had I short list of my resolutions, I usually draft a long one but I though since I always fail to meet all of my resolutions every year let me make it shorter maybe I can make it. one of the resolutions was to save more money for my small business.. well the sad part is that I lost all the money that I saved for a good seven months and as the year sleeps in the dark I am panieless.I planned to have a baby  but  as the year sleeps in the dark I am single. I planned to work hard in my studies but I failed to submit correct assignments and I submitted incomplete portfolios and exams.

as the year sleeps in the dark. I lay in the dark will a great disappointment wondering if I will ever get a second opportunity to correct the incorrect. I wonder if I will make it to the Destiney of my degree, I lay and day dream of holding a baby in my hand. as the year sleeps in the dark, I lay with a broken heart and wonder where success is hiding.

maybe you are in the wonderland just like me. well I have one sentence for you….“ a day of life is a second chance to try again”

who am I and why am here

I am a part time communication science student at the university of south Africa. a full time domestic worker. I am a 30 years lady , always hardworking to make ends meet, dedicated all the time and always strive to achieve the best out of life.

some of the reasons why am blogging is that I have been through a lot in life both sweet and bitter moments, I have a voice in side me that would like to be listened to and I believe that my life journey can be a good testimony and a motivation to many people who have or are about to give up on life. I belief that my personal views and opinions about life , politics , economy and culture  in general stand a chance to make a change, to be heard and maybe of good use , or to be corrected by other people and as a result I want to put them out there for every one to view, take note and comment.

I would like to write about  life experiences  and challenges that women face on daily life, the ways in which political structure is shifting in democracy and how media represent different issues. coming from a multiracial country whish is best known as a rainbow nation , I am also interested in how different communities  practice their cultures and believes  as wells  their relevance in this days and age.

I would like to connect with anyone who can I identify with what I blogged about on daily basis and anyone who feels inspired or  feel the need to like or comment on my topics. Continue reading “who am I and why am here”

Daily Prompt: Transformation

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

yesterday I was writing an exam.  when I get to the exam room I realized I took a wrong pencil box that was not allowed in the exam room, I asked the lady in front of me to borrow me a pen. after the exam the same lady asked me how was the exam and that’s exactly how the conversation started.

by the look of things she comes from a very rich family and she has accomplish lot of things at a very young age. somewhere in our conversation I  started telling her about my life and the means that I do to take care of my family and pay for my studies which let to the issue of fees must fall. Students are calling for transformation of higher level education, but how can we make a call for the transformation of higher education while basic education is not transformed? how can we call for free quality higher education, while we still struggling with a free  quality basic education?

in most rural areas in South Africa  a grade 5 leaner who is just about to get to high school is computer illiterate not to mention the reading competency of a grade 5 leaner is south Africa. our little brothers are being taught under trees and  yet we are burning classes, our brothers and sister cannot read but we are burning libraries, our economy is shaking but we are looting stores, and yet we cry for free higher education. South African youth ! transformation should start with you! be the change that you want to see.

As intellects and informed citizens… I belives you can come about with better measures to raise your concerns than throwing stones , looting stores and burning properties, beering in  mind the feuture of our kids and grandkids. where are we going to take them once they complete their higher academics while we destroying the facilities? and what are the chances of  free quality higher education, while we are demolishing the least that we have? are we not taking one step forward and 5 steps back?